A seductive manifestation of the Devil - you may refer to me as Miss Doom.Β 

As a succubus of sorts, I infect your thoughts and draw you to me, where you will seek my attention with your complete and utter submission.Β 

Welcome to my circle of hell.Β 

I take pleasure in not only seeing you squirm beneath the enforcement of my dominance but also in exploring your depravity. Sadistic yet sensual, you'll succumb to the seduction of me, your Mistress, as I become your purveyor of perversion.

Here you will be expected to pay generously for your sins.Β 

Your reason for existing is to contribute yourself and your services to me in order to improve the quality of my life. I aim to provide stern encouragement followed by satisfied giggles and helpful reinforcement to mould you into my perfect toy.Β 

Succumb to blasphemy.

I'm all-consuming. Sweetening you into submission I'll use my wide eyes and soft speech to draw you into an unwavering submission until you yourself become soft and vacant - released from your real-life responsibilities and needs for the raw and pure moments we spend together.

University-educated at a post-graduate level and with almost a decade of experience in kink - I prioritise proper research, communication, and safety for all of my submissives.Β 

Recognising each other as multifaceted beings is a necessary foundation for play with me.Β